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Advantages of Mulching With Pine Straws

Agricultural practitioners worldwide have in the recent years developed an habit of mulching in their farms for soil protection. The effects of this process is a clear addition of nutrients into the soil.This is making mulching one of the best measures to take when indulging in agricultural cultivation of plants. Mulch can be obtained from the remains of plants, leaves or grass and have varying effects on the soil. There are many advantages that come with the use of pine straw for mulching.

The very first benefit of using mulch obtained from pine straw is the ease of sustainability. The mulch is obtained from the pine tree needles that are always dropping naturally. This is an assurance of supply at any time of the year when you might need to use them for mulching.

Pine straw protects the soil from drying up by limiting loss of moisture though evaporation. Mulch also maintains suitable temperatures for the roots that have developed too close to the surface of the ground. When it is raining, the rain drops hit the surface of a bare soil surface displacing soil particles. Pine straw will take the hits from the rain drops that would have otherwise cause rain drop erosion.This type of mulch also releases some nutrients as it decomposes and organic matter that will encourage micro organisms. This will improve the aeration of the soil which is a very necessary for healthy plants.

Pine straw mulch is easy to manage since it does not wash out of beds like wood mulch does.As a result the environment around the farm will look cleaner. Unlike other types of mulch, it is not necessary to add other components into the mulch since it does not clench together. Some types of mulch form crusts that make the process of farming very inconvenient; this does not occur when using pine straw mulches. Pine straw remains functional for longer periods of time since it decays at a lower speed to time ratio, eliminating the necessity for replacement.

Unwanted plants grow around crops and attempt to use resources such as air and water that are available for crops. If the threat is not eliminated, the health of the crops deteriorates. The use of pine straw mulch will crush any germinating weeds and prevent them from developing to an threatening levels of maturity. Wood mulch is a conflicting type of mulch that will facilitate the development of weeds.

Pine straw can be applied at a bigger ground surface than other types of mulch. Therefore, pine straw mulch is less costly than other sources of mulch.

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