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How it works?

Following the effective phase separation ie. removal of the glycerol and methanol from the methyl esters, the biodiesel is then passed through the Eco2pure™ media, at a pre-set flow rate which maximizes contact time with the media.  

For best results, Eco2Pure™ is designed to be positioned into a fixed 'bed'. The media, once compacted into the bed, forms a highly adsorbent barrier through which the contaminated biodiesel must pass.

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As the crude biodiesel comes into contact with the Eco2Pure™ media, the harmful contaminants still present in the fuel ie trace elements of residual catalyst, moisture, FFA's, soaps and methanol, are removed in a single passage of flow. The key to the successful performance of Eco2Pure™ is to ensure that the flow rate through the media is governed to suit the size of the purification tower. Effective methanol removal will ensure that the media life and performance is maximized. Eco2pure™ purifies raw methyl esters into specification meeting biodiesel using a single passage of flow through the Eco2pure™ system.